We don’t have a lot of rules, but what rules we do have in place, are there to ensure your safety & enjoyment and the well being of the fish stock. 

These rules must be adhered to at all times, anyone found breaking these rules will be asked to leave and no refunds will be issued. 
 Please note…. Arrivals at the lake MUST be after 1pm
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 • No sacking of fish at ANY time 
 • No retention slings
 • No rods to be left unattended
 • 3 rods only per angler 
 • 1 bivvy per angler
• Minimum 12lb line 
 • No nuts of any kind to be used even in spod mixes
 • No dangerous tether rigs or leadcore leaders, rigs will be checked  
 • Barbed or micro barbed hooks only
 • No longshank nailer or catfish hooks
 • No braided mainline 
• NO LEADERS of any kind
• Only Rushes Lake supplied unhooking mats and slings allowed
 • All fish to be returned as soon as possible (no more than 4 photos)
 • Fishing from designated swims only NO fishing from the dam wall
 • No open fires
 • No swimming in the lake 
 • Klinic or similar to be used on all hook holds 
 • Baitboats allowed with consideration to other anglers at all times
 • A rowing boat is available…. consideration to other anglers